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It has always been Ivo Preid's vision to support people in your life. For many years he worked in various specialist and management functions - that cost energy. After a long sabbatical, which took him through different parts of the earth, he returned to work and wanted to enter new banks. It was a coincidence that Ami Pettermand was looking for a business partner just then - the team had found each other.


"With the sound lounges of A-Relax is a product on the market, which in addition to exclusive enjoyment has much more to offer. It is time to make this available to people. "


Ivo Preid

Management | Consulting | Sale



+41 44 524 35 70 

Originally Ami Pettermand is an architect and designer. He has always been interested in new methods. Driven by his professional burdens and limited opportunities to recover in a short time, both physically and mentally, he has dealt with the regeneration through musical experiences. The implementation of the idea using sound couches to reach the necessary resources was another step - success proves him right.


"With the sound lounger we want to create space for moments of inner peace and the ability to focus on what's important: yourself."


Ami Pettermand

Research & Development | Design | Innovation | Production


ami.pettermand [at] a-relax.ch

+41 44 524 35 70 




Made in Switzerland.


We attach importance to manufacture the loungers completely in our manufactory in the Zurich Oberland itself.


Combining craftsmanship and design with health, regeneration and relaxation is an enrichment for us in everyday life.


Your expectations in terms of quality and workmanship are reflected in the product and are also very important to us as a manufacturer! Finally, this also resonates in your lounger with…


We are happy to show you how our products are made. 



The world is changing and we are changing with it.


We take care of your concerns and take over the realization according to your individual wishes.


And in the future, too, we will provide every consumer with the system that makes him feel better!



The innovation continues - welcome to the new world!