Learning in the "ZentrumA-RELAX"



For some years we have been researching the effect of our sound couches on humans.


In the footsteps of Masaru Emoto and other researchers, with the help of proven experts in medicine and music, we convey our experiences in the fields of music and vibrations, binaural sounds, overtone music, etc.


Are these foreign words for you? Learn more at our next course!


Incidentally, the courses are ideal for getting to know and experiencing the potential of the Klangliegen om² in a simple and non-binding way. 


Course music, vibration & light

 In the course "Music, Vibration & Light" we convey the basics of the effect and acoustic vibrations during 1.5 days, including the sound lounger om² and the meaning of light on humans.


All contents are taught in theory as well as the practice is explored together. Experts in medicine and music convey their expertise and initiate the exchange of these experiences.


At the end of the day, there will be a guided sound meditation, including the sound loungers. The course call for the next course (in german language) coming soon.