Thats what our customers say 



"The sounds resonate throughout the body, wonderful."


"My soul danced with me"


"The harmonious design of the relaxation lounger invites me to lie down, my hands glide over the curved armrests, the music sounds, I close my eyes, within a few moments a pleasant feeling spreads throughout the body, I am one with body and mind "


"Meanwhile, I can no longer imagine the start of the day without ten minutes on the sound lounger. This energy carries me through the whole working day. "


"The ergonomic shape surprises - as adapted!"


"The experience feels similar to singing bowls, at any time and quite simply from CD."


"With alert senses, I slip into a kind of deep relaxation with the music that surrounds me - fascinating."


"Relaxed and with strengthened self-confidence, I rise after a quarter of an hour and think: Let's get it! "


Effect of music and vibrations



Hardly any other researcher has recently been better able to visually visualize positive and negative influences on water, such as the Japanese water scientist Masaru Emoto. Anyone who sees the colored pictures of water crystals photographed by him at temperatures below freezing suddenly understood it.


So, yes!


Here are some examples of different influences on the water:


Tokio tap water


Source of Lourdes


Mozart- Simphony No. 40 in G-Minor


After heavy metal music


A little note: Our body consists of about 70% water!  





First traditions of the influence and effect of sound as a source of physical and mental well-being date back to more than 4,000 years ago in the Vedas of India's oldest sacred texts.


Everything in the eastern imagination is sound, man, the gods, the universe - everything is thus sound, vibration.


Where is the knowledge?


We only fall back on the familiar and amaze ourselves again and again.




The idea of the sound lounger is to create a small world. Like an island away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from our problems, thoughts and so much more, which burdens us every day.


Relax, switch off, get different perspectives and regenerate to the deepest level or just enjoy sounds, sounds, music and vibrations of the highest quality, in which the sound couch lets us immerse ourselves.


Our audio technology has been developed so that overtones can be experienced and even binaural sounds of any kind can be enjoyed effectively and without headphones.


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